Simple about complex.

Polyvalent sustainable development model, analysis and modelling of algorithms for self-regulating systems.

What is important

Products of digital technologies as an independent direction or as components of structures of diversified models are the objects of close attention and the application of significant long-term venture, institutional and retail investments. Availability and simplification of financial participation in such projects, mechanisms and opportunities to influence internal processes to maintain stability, liquidity, transparency, security, a clear perspective of current development processes – this is an incomplete list of common tasks and challenges.

Different thinking and perception of sustainable

Leaving LINEARITY and nonrevolutionaryness

Sustainable a form of secular asceticism

Principles of preserving our Earth


In modern realities, digital projects have become hostages to the principle of momentary benefit. The creators limit themselves to the complication of superficial ideas, intentionally go into the jungle of mathematical calculations that often serve as a cover for emptiness, influence for a positive perception of their ideas, and invest the funds of the investors themselves for this. Consumers, investors in the conditions of such restrictions and without a deep foundation of the very idea of ​​each project for long-term development bear the main risks. In the absence of other solutions to exit such a node, the prevailing tacit agreement discredits and causes a gradual mutual pessimism in relation to the wonderful and progressive digital technologies.


Performing the tasks of creating algorithms and models for a simple outer shell of the complex essence of digital technology projects, using digital technology algorithms in various capacities as a means of implementing complex ideas themselves, a means of popularising and promoting complex ideas, a means of attracting investment in complex ideas, a means of corporate organisation of complex ideas, means of interaction and cooperation between complex ideas, means for the decentralisation of ideas, means of the circular principle of functioning of self-regulating ideas, and much more, which is urgently needed now.


Decentralisation and cyclically are the key principles and foundations laid down in Everbe v 0.3. The project of implementing these principles, finalising and implementing a system of algorithms for a circular economy model based on the EBE token is a universal key for creating simple configuration models for all project participants, users and investors, to apply to any ideas that make up sustainable development, such as analysis and modelling of algorithms for self-regulating systems.


Responsibility is our main defining quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Everbe v0.3. is a response to the objectively prevailing conditions when it is necessary for everyone to understand the essence of seemingly complex ideas, principles of functioning and the possibility of participation. More important are the algorithms and modeling of simple systems of such understanding and implementation in a simple functional of digital projects, the application of such an approach to the long-term components and material projects of the idea of ​​sustainable development. Together with responsibility, models of algorithms for cyclical self-regulating systems of various industries are the guarantee of the system for the sustainable development of society.

A polyvalent model of sustainable development and personal sustainable development based on the acceptance and observance of responsibility by all actors is an opportunity for the participation of many and the contribution of all to solving the global problem of “green” sustainable development and achieving material well-being. This is an image of a wonderful society of people, responsible users of innovations in various industries, people of new philosophy and digital technologies to form a common space of like-minded people and practitioners of the new realities of everyday life.

Users of modern technology products are unlikely to think about the components that make up these products, what they consist of, about the long history of their creation. Interested in convenience, functionality, the result that will be achieved when using them to your advantage.

Meet the requirements of the consumer, the creation of products that meet these requirements is an incomplete list of necessary conditions for the creator of such products to fulfil.

An interconnected system established over the centuries. Where do we see modern features and an urgent need for today regarding the development of digital technologies as a new philosophy of consumption? If we leave for a while material changes and the development of digital technologies themselves as an essence, then philosophically and excuse the hackneyed term in the “culture of consumption and supply”, a dead end will be reached. Wonderful digital customer-centric technologies have been gutted by the unbridled and sometimes openly imposed hype, shameless attitude on the part of the creators. They deliberately cultivate a superficial understanding and attitude towards processes among consumers, and this has borne fruit. A gigantic discrepancy between the complexity of digital technologies and the level of the consumer has formed, consumer distrust of the rhetoric and letters of empty white papers of startups and their feverish search for the use of their funds in another project with a very high risk of becoming zero, manipulation of large players and impotence of small people in the industry. 

What is Everbe v0.3 about? 

Everbe v0.3 is a cyclic reproduction model that uses the concept of responsibility justifiably.

This is a model of mutual responsibility coming from the authors of the Everbe v0.3 model and addressed to a wide range of consumers who share, are ready to share responsibility, or those who are simply looking for a use for their funds in a new project that has a long-term understandable development, supported by the argument of a special attitude on the part of the creators.

Someone might say that it’s boring and it’s easier to look for another hype for quick money. Everbe v0.3 is not an alternative to this – it is a different model that has its own path and the inherent essence of the sustainability projects linked to it, based on mutual responsibility and personal sustainability, gives a deep meaning to the model and long-term growth. In fact, this is a new type of client-oriented IT model for a person for the sake of a person.