Philosophy of a new type

New path for the development - era of new technologies, new meanings of development.

What is important

Support for the development of a single critical basic infrastructure, investment mechanisms for ensuring green and sustainable development, generating effective incentives for extensive and intensive growth within existing projects as a point of application for long-term venture capital, institutional and retail investors. Private initiatives in this area are the most flexible and effective in accelerating these processes, are sensitive to changes in the competitive environment, which is especially important when assessing the changing trends in the development and use of high technologies in any industry and in determining a further strategy in the face of growing geopolitical tensions and accelerating deglobalization. Diverse ongoing projects using digital technologies in a single basic structure simplify the use of mixed investment, in which digital technologies are both a financial and legal basis and a full-fledged independent self-developing direction.

Different thinking and perception of sustainable

Leaving LINEARITY and nonrevolutionaryness

Sustainable a form of secular asceticism

Principles of preserving our Earth


In modern realities, politics and the old ideology have become stronger than the economy and trade. The main breakthrough ideas are stagnating, which are becoming less and less, the forced return to the use of old technologies devalues ​​previous achievements. The dominance of monopolies, complex and expensive technologies, expensive development, complex management, narrowing the possibility of breakthrough research with an unpredictable outcome due to a market orientation towards immediate results slow down the discovery of new technological principles, the deep use and development of the achievements of existing high technologies. The competition of the emerging multipolar world is accompanied by consolidation, nationalization, isolation and fragmentation of a single positive agenda, protectionism and national egoism dominate when considering issues of climate change, development and investment of high technologies. There are obstacles to the dissemination of knowledge, which complicates technological progress, makes it more costly and slows it down.


A huge bunch of monovalent private initiatives, high-tech projects, development of components and components, due to the limited specific function in the performance of a narrow task, their isolation and lack of prospects for a ready place in any conceptual system, do not really find useful investments. Together with them there are ready-made high technologies, the use of which is now very important, but each of them does not look stable with support at one point. This project of a polyvalent system is an effective mechanism for overcoming the impasse, an example of thoughtful qualitative simplification and reduction in the cost of high technologies, their systemic mixed use, which expands their efficiency, accessibility and gradually forms a truly useful intellectual property based on material working projects.


The structure of this polyvalent project as existence and interaction, mutual potentiation, risk reduction, complementing each other, in the logic of a certain sequence, the use of a new philosophy, long-term development and joint growth, achieving a common ultimate goal of projects from different industries connected into a single system of their own digital financial and legal technology. A unified system devoid of inertia, with a sensitive response to changes, open to other people’s useful projects with varying degrees of mutually beneficial integration, constructive in cooperation with state administrative bodies of various locations and other positive features of a private project reasonably attracts significant mixed investments.


All of our past experience was associated with offline projects in the development and management of the implementation of innovative projects, which were under a standard financing algorithms and the purpose of such projects was to solve narrow specialized problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

People have forgotten about many important things, on which their future, the future of their generations, depends, as if the world is destroying itself and the confrontation of extremes puts it on a risky brink.
This project is an opportunity to participate in decision-making and financing to achieve global change. The coexistence of contradictions and opposites as passion and calculation, the curiosity of an amateur and the deep knowledge of a guru, the youthful spontaneity and gravity of a sage, the efforts of a modest individual and powerful corporations, and much more, but all are united in one concept – this is responsibility. Responsibility to others, to oneself, to the future and, of course, to be responsible within the framework of the project.

A polyvalent project is a response to objectively prevailing conditions that allows several projects of different industries to successfully function together and further develop at once using existing innovative technologies and new philosophical ideas in conjunction with each other. The project in its development generates new directions within itself, using cross technologies, attracts third-party opportunities, responds to new challenges. The principles laid down in the project give greater efficiency, reduce risks and guarantee long-term growth.

Opportunity for the participation of many and the contribution of all to solving the global problem of ensuring green and sustainable development through financial and legal participation in a project, achieving material well-being. This is an image of a wonderful society of people, users of innovations in various industries, people of a new philosophy of secular asceticism and digital technologies to form a common space of like-minded people and practitioners of the new realities of everyday life.

The key to the future is in everyone’s hands. This project is an opportunity to unite people with progressive views on the future. The project as a polyvalent system of different industries with the use of high technologies, digital technologies with a new idea of ​​secular asceticism is a catalyst for the growth in the number of people who accept and share the need to apply such ideas and approaches, through which they express themselves, demonstrate self-sufficiency, through the financial and legal component contribution based on their social responsibility. Thanks to such people, their energy, openness to new ideas and contributions, it is possible to gradually achieve the final goal.

New global changes create an atmosphere of investment uncertainty, uncertainty in the application of investments. Standard products do not guarantee growth, which has spurred a frantic search for new application points for investment. Almost no green projects are heard, but this does not mean that green sustainable development is gone forever. Sustainable development is an objective necessity, something that will be sure no matter what current global events take place. This project is a successful case of mixed investments, its polyvalent basis favorably differs from other monovalent projects in its stability, risk reduction, and long-term growth. A new trend in response to the destruction of logistical ties, sanctions – the development of mediation between the divided parties, which are still in dire need of continuing mutually beneficial cooperation, building new logistics, supply and production of dropped components and components, providing production technologies and equipment with limited access, creating new chains and receiving at all stages of added value, the opening of new alternative markets.