Tandem of a new combination

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Perhaps the initial constructive creative basis of hydrogen technologies and its already existing and ready potential reduce the risk of any or catastrophic errors. It is the principle of nature conservation embedded in green hydrogen technologies will become the core of a stable and safe development, around this core will be to form new branches in the form of economy branches with new environmentally friendly standards. The blood for this development is digital technology. We can only assume the enormous potential and principles of the influence of decentralized systems on future parameters real economy and in inseparable tandem with hydrogen technologies they can become truly creative, not closed within dry and sometimes banal speculative function. The time is coming to reconsider the role of digital technologies, their new meaning in integrative process with other sectors of the economy, for predicting the results of such integration and the formation optimal forms of interaction, the birth of a new philosophy relationships with other innovative technologies.

Digital technologies as a constituent basis in other real non-paper projects can finally get a direct physical value embodiment and maybe this will be an attempt to answer the eternal question of material valuation of each cryptocurrency. With gradual applying this approach to other branches of material production, the prospect of forming the list and the market is visible for new corporate cryptocurrencies. Perhaps this principle can reduce the risks of turbulence fluctuations in the value of cryptocurrencies that we observed in the past. Gradual displacement process with green hydrogen fossil fuels from the global economy, wider inclusion into existing other industries and the prospect of creating new industries economies based on green hydrogen will allow integrated process digital technology is justified to grow. At the heart of digital technologies, a long digital loop gives almost unlimited possibility of existence for many long decades.

It’s time to collect everything valuable and scattered for a new development push. A certain philosophical dualism of applying the principle decentralization and at the same time the formation of a new system of approach the use of innovative technologies in a single direction is principle of close cooperation and mutual benefit for the good of Man.