Whose environmental friendliness is more environmentally friendly?

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We are witnessing a global discussion about the disadvantages of hydrogen energy, where the emphasis is on the affection and commitment of hydrogen projects from Exon and other fossil fuel companies. “Concealment of the catastrophic consequences of their activities for investors, governments, information wars for fears, uncertainties and doubts in climatology and new energy technologies, so that the market for their hydrocarbon products does not shrink”, the so-called “tobacco case” is not much. in the opinion of the authors of such articles, fossil fuel companies can be blamed or blamed.

See link: https://cleantechnica.com/2021/02/24/hydrogen-is-big-oils-last-grand-scam/

At the same time, few people remember that the greatest achievements of mankind in the field of technology, which any person can remember, that we use every day, sometimes without thinking where it came from, exists thanks to, and not in spite of, fossil fuel technology. It is possible that everything that has been created for decades in this industry should not be destroyed, forgotten, and so that crowds of people end up on the street. The objects of the industry are not just rare trinkets that belong to giant open-air museums. If we look into history, then technological revolutions, although they are called revolutions, came into our lives on the basis of previously existing achievements, using all the good things from the previous one. Can we assume that now is a different time when everything new must necessarily be on the ruins of the old? This echoes the content of Steven Pinker’s book “Enlightenment Today”, where he gives his comment “All the talk that people have become much more depressed, times have become much darker, that it is heading nowhere, they are all connected with the acceleration of the information age, the more information the more negative information due to the fact that the media are focused on the fact that everything is bad, in fact, everything is better than it was. It seems to me not very productive to think that everything is very bad, it is much more productive to see what is done well and do the same or do better. And trying to build a new world on the ashes will lead nowhere. Now, in principle, there are many radical movements, everyone rejoiced from all sides, that the Trotskyists, that the fascists are not the way forward. “ A constructive search for a way out of the nexus of resource problems, most likely, also worries the top officials of the fossil fuel companies, provided that they do not have a secret missile silo in their backyard with an intergalactic ship where the autopilot is to the planet Endor, and not to Tatooine. They broadcast their intentions to society and make efforts to move towards reducing greenhouse gases, and their algorithm of action may differ from the point of view of other, more radical opinions. Their interest can serve the more dynamic development of decarbonized energy, and their assets will be just the basis for the widespread daily use of hydrogen and other products produced on its basis. A huge warehouse of tangible assets can be what should be used for the transition to environmentally friendly technologies, maybe the costs associated with the creation of new energy assets based on a completely different technology will become an even greater burden for Nature. For example, the imbalance in the water balance in the places where lithium is mined, which, given the growing shortage of fresh water, cause concern. What are the forecasts for the disposal of lithium-ion batteries, with all the complexity that many experts predict right now?

See link: https://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlehtml/2020/gc/d0gc02745f

Perhaps the time has come for the participation of small people, progressive views, not partisan, distracted from the custom hype, and such are most likely from among the high level of people of fossil fuels, activists of electric vehicles, green hydrogen, the expert community, in developing a common strategy on common discussion platforms, joint participation in mixed material projects with extensive use of decentralized digital systems as the financial basis for the life of such projects.