Digital platforms. A new channel.

Decentralized digital systems as an innovative industry must certainly have reliable mechanisms to protect against turbulence, depending on subjective factors affecting the course schedules, and have a visible long-term growth perspective. The participation of crypto platforms in new material sectors of the economy is the main way to accomplish such tasks.

Of course, many people who have achieved success in the development of digital systems sometimes think about this, and they hardly associate themselves with the material old economy of fossil fuels. Rather, they will be the primary financial source for the formation and development of entire sectors of the new economy, along with established financial instruments. Decentralization allows you to pursue your own line of joint use of financial resources in projects, free from imposed ideas and bureaucratic restrictions, where everyone’s voice will be heard. Do digital platform activists hold discussions on their platforms about their future? Is there a need to work out a general concept and direction of its development beyond the boundaries of internal established tasks? What is the place in the new global economy?