Asian cuisine and kind hands.

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Remembering many corners of the beautiful Southeast Asia, the most delicious comes to mind when you inhale the aromas of spices, mouth-watering smells of dishes being prepared in small Asian eateries. It could be Kasujiru soup warming with sake somewhere in the suburbs of Nagoya, fiery Seoul Kimchi Tige, fragrant and spicy Suanlatang soup in Chengdu, China. You see boiling pots very close by, how the magician chef conducts a whole ritual over the flame of the stove, in the clouds of a delicious steam of boiling broths, where vegetables, fish, meat and other products are poured. And now he stretches out his hands with a bowl directly to you, passing through his hands the energy of his heart and soul into this wonderful dish … Magic … I got hungry and forgot what I wanted to write)) The culture and mentality of Southeast Asia are associated with close interaction with each other, the need to feel each other, diminutiveness, all processes in a small area. The compactness makes many things more accessible due to the small distances. This high concentration is a good reason for the integration of high technologies, for accessibility, low costs, solving many problems for a large number of people, including environmental problems.

People here are more sensitive to the problems of ecology and comfortable environment than in other regions. For them, everything should be hot and tasty straight to them from sincere and kind hands, they deserve it.