Chicken or egg?

Hydrogen technologies already have certain successes and clearly formulated development plans under the control and assistance of government agencies, funding through the budget. A huge number of real products and equipment for hydrogen are waiting in the wings for widespread use. All this huge structure is already taking the form of limited, sedentary mastodons, scattered in separate regions. This is largely due to priority funding through the state budget directly, the system of state grant support, which sets narrow boundaries for development. A flexible and progressive mechanism for the development of hydrogen technology of a specific location, adapted and integrated into the realities of a specific place for the phased implementation of any hydrogen technology project, is the participation of funds from decentralized digital systems as an initial investment. As a rule, state and large investment structures are more willing to participate in projects that have shown a good convincing implementation of the initial stage of work, for further joint promotion of the project, provide support in the form of tax preferences, building the necessary infrastructure. It is possible that under such conditions the primary initiative can come from activists of digital technologies as the most progressive and flexible in decision-making, and these qualities will make it possible to form a general broader concept of a specific project with the definition of diverse tasks and their solutions.