The apocalypse is not today.

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In the midst of an unprecedented pandemic, the Center for Disease Control has updated its guidelines for preparedness for yet another extreme event: the zombie apocalypse. This is a practical guide for any emergency such as hurricanes, earthquakes or floods, etc., but only if zombies are roaming the streets. The CDC recommends: “provide yourself with blah, blah … water, … blah, blah … drugs, blah, blah, … tools and supplies …”.

John Sellick, a professor in the Jacobs School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences at the University at Buffalo, told Yahoo Life “I think it’s great, As we’ve seen with coronavirus, disaster preparedness is crucial.”

What nonsense? …. And if not nonsense? Each of us in our “capsule” at least once thought about it. Especially those who now work at home remotely during the pandemic or have always worked alone on the network as an activist of digital platforms when there is a complete covid lockdown behind the wall, Texas, Europe is covered with snow, millions of people suffer. Where is that Zion where you can survive and live in safe conditions with the same comfort as now? Who can provide this for me? Yes, nobody. Perhaps this is what the Apocalypse looks like, like the complete helplessness of everyone in the face of such a covid pandemic or in front of crowds of zombies who hiss “I smell a living brain” .. Brrr. The hackneyed and worn-out “Salvation in changing the way of life, in the hands of everyone, depends on the efforts of everyone.” How to really create a fortress? And what will happen to this fortress if we slip into a positive scenario? Commemorative plaque on the walls of the fortress “This is a monument to delusions in human imperfection, the myth of his craving for self-destruction. Insane waste of huge finances by paranoid”? Maybe it is better to let the fortress now be a place for the point application of innovations (decentralized digital platforms, alternative energy and other beautiful materialism), a colony of a closed space where it will practically start working and become a donor for development and expansion in other locations. A place where people of the same views can be together to create a favorable environment in a positive scenario … and in a negative one too.