Geography and controversy.

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Pacific Ring of Fire. The huge length of the ring makes it possible to find the most successful place in the implementation of the green hydrogen project associated with the use of geothermal energy. The criteria for evaluating such a location for a new project are: proven reserves of geothermal energy, availability, proximity to markets, attitude of the local administration, competitive environment, etc. There are not so many locations that meet most of the criteria. The study of each such location, discussion in the specialised community and on discussion platforms, the publication of the results of such studies will allow us to formulate plans for the necessary actions for the practical implementation of the project and determine realistic steps. These are powerful arguments in increasing investor confidence in the project; special attention should be paid to a huge number of digital technology activists who can become the main investment component. Discussion of the potential of each location based on freedom from political preferences, territorial differences. The project as an opportunity to unite the disparate efforts of specialists from many industries, different countries for the practical implementation of a green hydrogen project using geothermal energy and digital technologies.