About cookies and Dark Side.

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There are always temptations. “Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!” Someone can automatically answer “I do not eat carbs!”. Rather that “Let me see … my Precious”.

When a huge digital stream goes to you every day in which you live and the rest is completely unimportant. I brought the numbers together, it turned out great, it looks awesome. It is as if you are spanking with a small child’s scoop on the protuberances of the stream of numbers, aligning so that the balance is not lost.

Every day, a thousand times worked out material of your standard actions in this digital stream. Nobody shouts and you don’t shout to yourself “Come on to the Moon!”. And you are pretty fed up with everything. Stay in this, in the Dark Side, in the routine with delicious little crunchy rounds… But why do that? Because it is success?

Falling asleep, wetting the pillow with viscous saliva, wish yourself — Sweet dreams, … a pitiful little man))