“Zero letter”


CNN: “News of the outreach comes as lawmakers and key US allies are eagerly awaiting details about Biden’s North Korea policy, which they expect will be announced publicly ….” It is about the lack of communication with a party that is important in regional and global security.

But what kind of dialogue is possible?

Some kind of general proposal like “Writing Degree Zero” genre, when there are no facts or meanings, and speech is only to maintain a conative function, focused on the addressee in an imperative mood, without narration and doubt about the message. And this style is overwhelming in relationships between people. The presence of published or previously broadcast facts and meanings is no longer needed by anyone. Here and now: You must, you must ….” But why not launch new speeds within your consciousness, your assessment, making your own decisions for creation. There are global problems of our survival and this is much more important. Ways and methods of giving are important. the chance for this survival, the application of innovations related to decarbonization, the use of new digital technologies Inert government programs, corporate and private initiatives solve similar tasks of their competencies The level of interaction of investment funds with specialized startups is high enough, but the speed of development of such interaction is not enough to keep pace or to be ahead in solving problems associated with the old economy. Dynamics is necessary in this, not in the meaningless “zero letter”.