Effectively be free. Philosophy of the New Economy.

Some difficulties in providing renewable energy this winter do not stop the global process of increasing it through new projects. Most of the forecasts are associated with a steady trend towards a steady decline in the cost of renewable energy and will “virtually become free” (by 2030 according to the Financial Times forecast). And this is most likely great news for the planet and probably also for the economy. Achieving such a goal will be the basis for a new philosophy of building a new world of an innovative economy, the formation of new views of the purpose and place of energy in the life of mankind for solving global problems of nature conservation, shortage of food, water, improving the health of the human population, developing new previously unfavorable territories, development science and other tasks in the spirit of humanism. Achieving such goals should now mobilize common efforts for decarbonisation, including for the active production of green hydrogen from renewable energy using integrated digital technologies.