Hype. Elixir & Poison.

Hype as a mechanism for promoting and giving significance to any project as a standard for the implementation of innovative projects in the modern world. But perhaps it hurts the breakthrough projects of the material areas of the new economy. Around such projects, a group of approvers and opponents will necessarily form. Those who are frankly engaged with financial bonuses and simply demagogues will be under great pressure. Each side blows up a storm in a cup of coffee, splashing out the progressive essence and using the ideas of the project. This is not a constructive discussion for the formation of some kind of correct technological and creative solutions, more often a fierce battle with wooden swords, which discredits the very idea.

Broad participation, thorough study of the community of leading experts at the discussion stage, work of discussion forums. Thoughtful, meticulous step-by-step work, not an unhealthy tremor in the hands, a feverish heartbeat and empty fuss.

A geothermal green hydrogen project requires a balanced and respectful approach. As it were sometimes justified criticism of modern projects on hydrogen energy, but global climate change is forcing the use of alternative energy with the use of various technologies in this industry (solar panels, wind energy, geothermal energy) for the production of green hydrogen. Let there be many ideas for combating greenhouse gases, let there be healthy competition between them as an engine for the development of such technologies. Green hydrogen projects and other projects are not ideal now, but they can be destroyed by reactive and empty hype.