Geothermal Green Hydrogen Project 

  1. To create an industrial production of green hydrogen by electrolysis of seawater based on electricity from geothermal sources of renewable energy sources and create a targeted digital platform for it.
  2. Technopark as a full-fledged technological, research, production, financial and management base. this is a single space where participants are passionate about the idea of producing “green hydrogen” based on renewable energy sources. Specialists in various fields of science, engineering, energy, financiers, IT-industry, potential consumers (private and corporate) who want to actively apply their knowledge, experience, finances, time and passion in the form of their contribution to the implementation of this project. The formation of a regional hydrogen energy hub on its basis is the near and long term prospects of the technopark.
  3. Mainstream: The use of modern technologies in the field of hydrogen production, geothermal energy and other related production areas as the basis for the development of green hydrogen energy, other sectors of the economy, a multiplier regional and global effect.
  4. Use of ready-made compact production mixed modules (part of power generation + part of hydrogen production) for modular like “LEGO” assembly at each production site in the place of geothermal energy reserves. Creation of new production sites as a step-by-step continuation of the “LEGO” concept. Assembly and connection to a single production and energy network based on digital technologies and AI.
  5. The universal investment key of the project is mixed financing (private investments, bank lending, funds from commercial banks, foreign investment funds, state budget funds) and raising funds through the free sale of shares of a public joint stock company (PJSC).
  6. An integral part of the Project is independent self-organizing digital platforms using blockchain technology and other decentralized systems.
  7. The cryptocurrency component is a new model for introducing the mechanism of intelligent connections into the material economy.
  8. Digital currency as a full-fledged participant in the future hydrogen energy hub.

WhitePaper Geothermal Green Hydrogen project