On the road of disappointment.

The formulation of each stage in the development of world technologies is associated with any specific chemical element as a single concept or in the composition of chemical compounds (Stone Age, Iron Age, Bronze Age …). Long period of fossil fuels since inception human use of fire is associated with carbon. Story about one chemical element and millennia of its significant place for

humanity. But each process has its beginning and its end. Climate change as a factor forcing humanity to search an iconic chemical element available, which will be the same significant as carbon. It is unlikely that any popular tiktoker or millions of its subscribers ever think about it. The role of personality has always been important in scientific and technological environment for discoveries that have guided development and ushered in new eras of technology. What is it now? We see only concern and scattered attempts at solutions to a global problem

greenhouse effect. Iconic figures of modern technology are passionate about

long-term perspective. This is mainly an apocalyptic picture and a certain

fatalism or the development of its present as a means for attracting investors to their projects, the benefits of which for Nature sometimes questionable. A huge number of small investment funds are limited within their budgets can support the development of startups of the same tiktokers in anticipation of a quick return and pushed away from participation in the decision really important tasks, even if it is important for them and show to this interest. This is also a factor of fragmentation. Global investment funds concerned about liquidity, capitalization and other similar issues and hardly pay attention to small people with an existing formulated with the idea of ​​practical steps for solving the node of overdue problems, considering that such is available only by appropriate software the scale of the formations.

Perhaps all this will be the reason for a long path of disappointment, in which there will be huge losses and human victims. It’s time to start doing something.