Before and after.

The events with covid 19 have touched everyone and now everyone can say to themselves that this has divided life into “before and after.” We attach such a fateful meaning to the turning events of our lives, changing our inner world and the perception of the outside. It has no gray color, no halftones, there are only extremes – tragedy or vice versa, white or black. Addressing ourselves as a person who thinks about the future in formulations devoid of pathos and hackneyed cliches, who are truly internally worried about this, we ask ourselves, “Okay, but has everything been done? … But one cannot judge by individual examples and, in general, examples are the most harmful thing for systems thinking. Therefore, examples, throwing over to a more spectacular example, a more spectacular case, is not very productive. It is important to approach the event dividing into “before and after” in top condition, so that everything follows is up and not down.