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The run around container ship Ever Given has blocked one of the world’s most important trade routes. At least 150 ships heading through the Suez Canal were stuck in a traffic jam.

A two-hundred-kilometer canal that connects Red Sea with the Mediterranean, each year, about a billion tons of cargo passes through 19 thousand ships. 50 ships every day.

On March 24, the day after accident, price of North European Brent crude jumped more than 6 percent. The fact is that many tankers pass through this channel and humongous share of oil supplies from the countries of the Near and Middle East to Europe and North America goes. At the end of the week, after a pause on Thursday, market prices for oil went up again. Suez Canal is the Achilles’ heel of the global energy sector, and such events raise questions about the vulnerability of the old fossil fuel economy. The implementation of new projects related to the production of hydrogen based on alternative geothermal energy, with the development of pipeline supply to the consumer, the use of digital technologies as a mechanism for the development of projects related to green hydrogen will change the position of modern energy. It is very important to start real steps now and in this a significant role of projects, which are assisted by conscious and caring people, investing their funds and attracting new supporters, make a significant contribution to the formation of a new type of economy. We appeal to them, their enthusiasm and desire to change the world.