Green Bitcoin + Green Hydrogen.

World’s first “green Bitcoin” to be created as UK cryptocurrency firm strikes deal
A UK cryptocurrency firm has announced plans to create the world’s first clean energy Bitcoin mining pool.
Tackling climate change should be a priority for everyone in the industry. Of course, it is very strange that now innovative bitcoin mining uses the energy of fossil fuels, then what is the novelty of the whole bitcoin mining industry? The development of capital precisely on the basis of clean energy is a key development of the industry and an opportunity for further growth through environmentally friendly operations and the integration of the latest innovative blockchain technologies.
The creation of the #effectivelybe project was based on the foresight and awareness of the process of mandatory mutual integration of renewable energy of the new economy and digital technologies, and we will tirelessly talk about this, call upon and involve everyone with this idea. It’s great that very respected people in the field of bitcoin mining think about this and take practical steps to implement their plans.