Morlocks and Eloi. Modern version.

Developing theme of a bright future and beginning of corporate cities construction of the future based on new technologies of the fourth technological revolution (Toyota’s Woven City in Japan, Akon City in Senegal, Elysium City in Spain, Tenga in Singapore, Masdar City in the UAE, The Line in Saudi Arabia), then their concept assumes widespread use, including hydrogen technologies based on renewable energy. This is not a distant future, but construction of today, which has already begun, based on the experience of such cities, it is possible to form the foundations for the creation of such cities in other regions, gradually changing the general concepts of urban planning. Rejection of fossil fuels in the new economy should fundamentally change the urban ecosystem, form a new consciousness of everyone as an adherent of innovations, an active participant in the preservation and improvement of the environment. Remembering the classics of literature who tried to look into the future, there is an example of the characters in the Time Machine by H. Wells, where the division of the descendants of people into Eloi inhabitants of the pure Upper World and Morlocks adherents of “dirty” underground technologies. If  not to take the gastronomic preferences of the last, then it is important now to make a choice and evaluate yourself for the suitability of life in such cities of a bright future. What do you need to do now to get yourself a place in a beautiful city? Do I support the development of new technologies for my future? Now everyone’s participation is very important, but maybe someone wants to remain a “Morlock”))