AI and simple questions.

The efficiency of using each calorie of alternative energy is most likely the main indicator for the endpoint of the development of green hydrogen production when the cost reduction will lead to effectively be free. How will free energy from green hydrogen participate in shaping the principles of building a new economy? Is this a case of utopian communism or an example of imitation of very useful kibbutzim? At the moment, there are forecasts for a simple decrease in the cost of green hydrogen after the start of mass production. Decarbonization is now vital, but there are no answers to questions of regulation of production, consumption, control plans, algorithms for determining the efficiency of resource use, and so on. To the simplest question “How will the relations between the parties of production and consumption be formed at zero added value in conditions when interstate borders will exist?” and many other questions need to be given not just an answer, but a ready-made solution. The value-added case echoes the same impasse in the cryptocurrency topic. And there are many, many other questions arising from the previous ones and going to other steps along the chain, generating new questions exponentially. Now the hype around green hydrogen is like an effervescent prosecco, but it remains a cheap substitute for expensive champagne. Everyone goes to the promotion of narrow technological solutions and concepts, and this is of course important, but where is the broad systemic approach of understanding new energy sources as a factor causing global changes more than just positive changes in Nature? Planning until the growth stops and the greenhouse effect is reduced is hardly correct, because it’s not only about the impact on nature and climate change, or is such a boundary set because we will never “reach the Canadian border”? Perhaps the capabilities of the now popular artificial intelligence technology can easily solve these simple questions for it, and it remains only to foresee in advance the use of AI technology as the main regulating, controlling element in green hydrogen projects. What if it’s a “useless gadget” in the hands of superficial people?