Deep understanding in the superficial.

Technocrats talk about the predetermination of technological development, that all medical, social, military, political and even moral issues have technological solutions. If you manage technologies today, then you will govern the future, and the future will be governed by entrepreneurial engineers, methodological engineers, machine engineers, engineers of human souls, because human soul is governed by algorithms. There are medical, social, political, military technologies and even morality is essentially technologically advanced and can be constructed, morality can be destroyed and created in a new way, as a LEGO constructor is assembled to order. With artificial intelligence technologies, the implementation of such technologies is becoming a common task. This is an objective process and the imperative of the time, the process is associated with the present level of the technologies themselves and the subsequent unrestrained development. An integral part of this process will be hydrogen technologies based on renewable sources, digital integrated platforms linked to the new material economy. And a very high risk can be caused by the factor that the modern world has become very superficial, people themselves have become terribly superficial. Monologue for 10 seconds, writing on 2 lines – these are new standards and so is in everything and everywhere. But what if the lack of depth in thinking and decisions made by the pivotal personalities of our Earth, those who can and should form new global meanings from their high level, generate the main directions for the development of our planet?

It is unlikely that someone will ask them “you are not capable of more?” and they will answer “we are capable of more!” Why the creation of a huge battery for storing electricity by extraordinary Elon Musk becomes a breakthrough technological solution of our era … What the hell! It’s just a big battery. The most honest indicator of his present technology for Earth would be a flamethrower. Why is there so little action and activity for everyone from real “managers” such as Bill Gates with deep appreciation even in gloomy forecasts? What is more important is an opinion, coordinating function, and the targeted use of gigantic capabilities in shaping the real meanings and principles of the development of the modern economy. But perhaps “they” are just waiting for the results of the primitive process of “self-cleaning” of the planet Earth … as a way out of the cluster of accumulated problems.