Fairy tale from India … true story


Good news from India. Energy giant Reliance Industries is forming a new coalition for the transition to blue and green hydrogen called the India H2 Alliance (IH2A). It is an integrated approach to the development of hydrogen technologies for practical application in a new material hydrogen economy involving innovative projects to reduce the cost of hydrogen. The range of applications for such projects is related to industrial clusters of the steel industry, refineries, fertilizers, cement, port infrastructure and logistics, as well as heavy transport use cases and will help set standards for the storage and transportation of hydrogen in compressed and liquefied form. The next step in the development associated with the use of integrated technologies of digital platforms as an integral part of the hugely significant new energy industry related to hydrogen for India looks logical. The high level of software development and digital industry professionals in India makes this a feasible task.

Perhaps such an integrated approach makes the prospect of hydrogen technology development more successful in India compared to other regions where we see scattered attempts to develop narrowly focused topics related to hydrogen. An active public-private partnership creates an attractive environment for many investors, including small ones, and of course one can think of millions of cryptocurrency investing activists, whose hype of uncontrolled growth has dried up and the question of profitable investment in projects that have the prospect of fast and long-term growth is more relevant than ever… How can these millions of activists, if they wish, can do this? Maybe it’s time to invest more actively in new venture projects that can, by raising funds, reach an equal level with the giants in such hydrogen projects, opening up further interaction, including with the funds of the Indian state budget?