Past experience for a new workshop.

Modern factories producing products with high added value are now more like assembly centers from many components from suppliers, contractors performing the necessary service and related work. The quality of the product, the production time in this case largely depends on the organizational work of the “assembly shop”. –°orrect choice of suppliers using the most modern technologies in the production of their products, solving logistics issues, interaction with design organizations, scientific institutions, investment and financial institutions and many, many, many other parties on which successful serial production depends. Such a system is especially necessary in the current realities, given the degree of development of hydrogen production technologies, alternative geothermal energy, digital technologies. Each of these industries is highly active and has high achievements in its own field, participating for a small percentage in the field of activity of the other. But if we expect a highly efficient, high-quality product, produced on a constant planned basis in a specific period of time, and the product is a unit of the green hydrogen production industry based on alternative energy with integrated digital technology, then there must be a specific structure that should fulfill the function of this “assembly shop”. The rules remain the same, the case when the old proven experience really helps the rapid onset of the new.

It is very important to create a symbolic structure for such task.