Pain as an important motivator.

The upcoming climate summit, which was organized by President Biden and where leaders of other countries will be, may become a platform where new directions of the strategy for the practical fight against global greenhouse gas emissions in the period of recovery from the pandemic will be voiced. Against the backdrop of statements by the head of the European Investment Bank Werner Hoyer earlier this year, who said that the bank is seeking an end of the unrelenting use of fossil fuels and the stance of European officials who called on the World Bank to stop lending to gas projects around the world and end support for coal and oil, policy is being formed against entire industries of the global economy using fossil fuels. At the moment, incentive mechanisms have been formed to motivate the transition to alternative technologies with zero emissions. At the same time, it is possible to assume the further introduction of restrictive measures for those who remain adherents of the fossil fuel of the old economy. Recent news about a digital green bitcoin mining initiative based on alternative energy as a mirror image of the green trends in the global economy. If the incentive mechanisms for the transition to green bitcoin mining are a sweet carrot, then there will be a stick too. Is the huge community of cryptocurrency activists ready for the whistling whip that will whip them in the place that they have increased in the current period of the cryptocurrency growth hype? Is it time to go to the pharmacy for the ointment? Or is it time to think about investing in the sector of an innovative, but material economy using an understandable mechanism of digital technologies?