Handbags Vs Tokens.

Pandemic has limited the movement of people and the outbound tourism industry is going through its darkest times. At the same time, as the results of statistics and surveys in some countries show that people are still willing to spend money “on themselves” to indulge their needs. Funds that were set aside in the personal budget for future trips to distant countries and entertainment are used to get pleasure on the spot. A typical example of statistics in South Korea, a large number of residents who before the pandemic actively traveled to Europe, America and other distant countries. Now the sales of luxury brands have increased, lines of people willing to buy a fashionable items. Plastic surgery to change the appearance is very popular in South Korea, but during the pandemic, the number of applicants has grown significantly and now this industry is experiencing another boom. Even the general financial crisis cannot extinguish the passion for enjoying shopping, improving their external image, people are still willing to spend their money on it. Someone may regard this as a waste of money and condemn it, but we can only say about the weakness of the promotion of other values ​​that are really important, which they talk and write about, while they lose … investments in innovation, ecology, fighting hunger problems, lack of fresh water. Some of the media people combine luxury advertising and loud statements of support, participation in global useful programs for the Earth. Problem of greenhouse gas emissions is so threatening that a simple cynicism to the question “Where is the source of funds for investing to something Useful during the financial crisis, when large investment funds, government budgets cannot adequately invest in the Useful stuff?” …