Very different but yet similar.

All topical topics related to the promotion of very important initiatives to preserve the environment, green hydrogen energy, with all their significance, are devoid of entertainment, outward flashy attractiveness, they take the form of boring texts and sometimes beautiful videos, but from the creators more often for themselves. At the same time, we see the initiatives of media stars who are trying to draw attention especially to the topic of environmental preservation within the framework of the systematic work of large funds for nature preservation. Their scattered attempts to revive, dilute a boring theme are certainly worthy of respect. In turn, the entertainment industry creates new innovative forms of organizing its work, exploits the beneficial aspects of the media popularity of individuals like actors and musicians.

In this regard, one can consider the phenomenon of K-pop culture in South Korea and the world’s first entertainment blockchain platform for creating an ecosystem of culture and art. The name of the project has something in common with the world popular K-pop group BTS. Of course, the goals of such platforms are far from green hydrogen and alternative energy, but there is a similar principle of using digital technologies as integrated systems in the basis of the project.