Pipes as they are.

Continuing the topic of discussing hydrogen technologies as the next technological cycle that will come after oil and gas, we note the increase in a more detailed study of important components of the industry by various scientific and production structures. There are discussions in specialized communities where, for example, the advantages and disadvantages of different types of hydrogen transportation, including pipelines, are discussed. When it comes to using existing main gas pipelines and building new ones, the issues related to hydrogen embrittlement of old steel pipes and safety are discussed.

We can contribute to generating new approaches and ideas based on the principle of maintaining zero carbon emissions during the implementation phase of a green hydrogen production project. The current idea of ​​using plastic pipes is perhaps the best option where you can use recycled plastic for the production of pipes instead of primary, thereby reducing carbon emissions. The excellent experience in the use of such plastic by the great company Adidas in the production of materials that meet the highest quality standards for their products in the PRIMEBLUE and PRIMEGREEN lines in cooperation with the noble organization Parley for the Oceans is a confirmation of a new responsible approach of big business to the problem of reducing the greenhouse effect and combating oceanic rubbish. Ocean debris has become a real disaster, and its use in the manufacture of pipes for transporting hydrogen will be beneficial. In the future, waste ocean plastic will continue to be used in the production of pipes for the developing hydrogen gas transmission and gas distribution system.

Let such ideas relate to a small topic, a special case in a huge unified space of hydrogen technologies, but if it is useful, it can attract many activists of progressive ideas to reduce greenhouse emissions, including by participating with their small savings in global innovative projects such as a production project green hydrogen based on geothermal renewable energy and digital platform.