Bezos and Musk, who’s awesome?

We are witnesses of an amazing competition when rivals send each other non-veiled signs resembling giant phallus, tearing the endless blue membrane of the sky… Explicit erotic ecstasy, adrenaline of self-affirmation and the answer to the question, “Who is the alpha male in the global herd of space explorers?” If someone says that this is nonsense, then look at the new rocket launch of Bezos. What does it look like? Yes, this is Bezos himself… or rather, this is something of Bezos, only large and possibly flying to a very intimate place to one colleague of his in space exploration, the very one who is planing escape to Mars. But it’s not even about this battle of “genitals”, this is the event of the application of hydrogen technology, when a rocket engine uses hydrogen and there is no damage to the environment, pure virgin water is erupting, in which life is usually born as Mother Nature created. What is the argument from his rival? What does this guy have to counter offer? He offers money as an incentive for the creation of technologies for the utilization of carbon dioxide. What a nonsense. And don’t say that this is a noble competition, more like entertainment for 100 million dollars and nimble bookmakers somewhere nearby. He’s the inventor himself? Looks like a payoff from an environmental claim for a rocket theme. How difficult it is for Musk to admit the fallacy of the opinion about the “stupidity” of the hydrogen theme)).