Reality check

Beautiful green hydrogen projects, renewable energy, digital technologies look great from their websites and social networks. But they lack of main driver — development and hype. For example, tokens are most often stillborn at the time of creation. Such projects are more often created for planned budgets and fundraising from investors is unrealistic. In a huge heap of innovative projects, most of them are empty and investors are pessimistic about investing in them, when there is even a risky, but rapidly growing one nearby. Green hydrogen technologies, with all their attractiveness and benefits, are long-term projects with huge expenditures on funds from state budgets and large corporations. These inert projects, overloaded with formalities with a high risk of corruption, postpone the rapid implementation of the transition to new technologies without emitting greenhouse gases and there is no systematic approach. Narrow individual problems are being solved and there are no global projects of green hydrogen technology with practical complex implementation. A vicious circle from the lack of real private initiatives and investments in such activities, which can and should participate with their small funds in the new material economy.