We cannot ignore global changes

Covid-19 disease has exposed the weakness and fragmentation of the global system. The selfishness of individual countries in the distribution of protective equipment, vaccines, medical equipment and the plight of others led to an unequal position before the global epidemic. Politics creates obstacles, sanctions, coalition groups and even local wars to influence and push interests. You can talk a lot about the future of innovations, the development of new global projects in energy, digital technologies, spend billions and trillions of dollars to implement such progressive projects, but all this will be rubbish if there are no effective mechanisms of international cooperation to find common security solutions at sites where everything they forget about politics, solve common global problems on which the future of everyone depends. International project in France ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) to study the possibility of commercial use of a thermonuclear fusion reaction, solving physical and technological problems, in which the European Union, USA, Japan, Russia, India, China, R. Korea, Kazakhstan participate — this is an example of uniting in solving global problems for the common good of mankind when politics retreats. The specifics of innovative projects are being discussed more and more, where the mutual integration of technologies is already a forced need for the full functioning of each of them. Green hydrogen production, renewable energy, digital technologies must be together and solve global problems of the near future, form new standards for production, transportation, consumption, financial services for the energy of the new economy. International participation free of politics is possible within the framework of the sites of full-fledged models of the production system, the functioning of all stages of integrated technologies with the real export of finished products to the local and foreign markets. On the basis of a practically functioning project, improve design, existing technologies and technological equipment, create intellectual property of the technological process, form new world standards and requirements for production, gain practical experience in production, sales, marketing, create educational and practical materials for training, serve as a basis for training personnel and many other tasks, the results can be used by all donor countries and international corporations. Green hydrogen, alternative energy, digital technologies imply huge costs and scattered attempts at their practical systemic implementation will entail high costs and lead to a loss of time. The creation of a single platform is an effective mobilization for quick progress with lower costs, in fact, it is a factory of ready-made know-how that can be applied in various locations, on the basis of which national governments will form their internal legislative framework for the green hydrogen, alternative energy and digital industries. A place where all the necessary input data will be compactly combined will be successful: large reserves of geothermal renewable energy, a close capacious market for green hydrogen with an extensive network of end users. Politics does not matter for the choice of location; joint practical solutions to a common global problem are much more important. From a political point of view, there is a need for local, regional / provincial and / or national governments to be able to do everything to accelerate this development — this will be a real creative policy.