Era 2050

Could the world really reach zero carbon emissions by 2050? How can we achieve carbon neutrality?

By 2050, almost 90% of the world’s electricity will have to come from renewable sources, 70% which will come from solar and wind energy. Events take place very quickly, their rapid flow reduces time and distance. C-19, in a sense pushed some of them and many fantastic situations have become an everyday reality. Humanity is in fact mentally ready for many things. Green hydrogen, alternative energy, digital technologies are the most discussed topics. However, if we get out of the flow of all this loud, in some ways useful, and in what it is vice versa, then what guidelines will be used in the global system of the new economy, which is based on new principles and technologies? Who is going to write thick new Microsoft Windows User Guide with new technology? Who will put correct and necessary content? What will the correctness of this content be based on? Consolidated information based on scientific and practical experience of using already existing new technologies on real functioning sites with the formation of technological standards, safety standards, solving issues of certification, patent law, creating algorithms for universal basic legislative standards in order to facilitate the adaptation of a ready-made technological system to specific locations and many other routine things are very necessary for the introduction of new technologies in the field. This does not require huge territories, huge resources, but comparable to a global task. Taking into account the principle of modularity, the results of such work of a small complex system will form the basis of a global industry. New user manual. Do you happen to know if it will be free? And the real equipment for the production of green hydrogen based on geothermal and other renewable energy, the associated digital technology, all this meets all standards, proven in practice, modular, unified to solve energy problems almost anywhere.