Sunrise or Sunset

Minnesota attorney general’s lawsuit against ExxonMobil, Koch Industries and the American Petroleum Institute over consumer fraud related to the cover-up of climate violations sets an interesting precedent for further similar claims against other leading Big Oil companies exploiting fossil fuels.

Perhaps such events provide another motivational reason for the largest energy companies to more actively participate in the implementation of global goals to achieve zero greenhouse emissions and rethink their policy of investing in the development of new energy technologies based on green hydrogen.

Of course, the goal of companies in such progressive changes is to maintain a leading position and use their trillion-dollar assets in the structure of the new global economic system, which is a completely pragmatic prudent decision. But how achievable are such plans? We see the sad conclusion of authoritative experts who question the high-profile ambitious plans of leading energy companies.

Let’s ask another question. What are the prospects for the Gulf countries?

Will they simply become an arena for a competition between two leading powers deciding their selfish plans, in which only winning is important — the cup “I have the best solar panels. They are the most, effective”?

Will this group of countries that have made a whole history in the global oil and gas economy in the role of an observer and continue to carry out someone’s recommendations on the implementation of other people’s plans? Maybe it’s time to form your own independent investment line for active participation in the creation of global integrated systems for the production and use of green hydrogen with added value at all stages?