Realism rather than reset

The leaders of Russia and the United States held talks in Geneva. This was Putin’s first meeting with Biden since his inauguration as president.

Various political science experts and diplomats talk about each side fulfilling its mission in these negotiations and their rhetoric does not include the words “breakthrough” or “disaster.”

The world press for the most part believes that only the very fact of its holding can be considered the most valuable in it, since in essence the parties only outlined the boundaries of what is permitted to each other. Everything announced after at press conferences is of course important, but is it the result of the real reason for the meeting of the two presidents? After all, it is difficult to assess the negotiations held without information on the topic and results of the negotiations in a narrow format, which lasted almost two hours. Were the issues of introducing a new global financial system based on completely different principles and technologies of literally tomorrow’s widespread introduction of AI left unattended or, on the contrary, became the basis for private negotiations? AI as a global regulator based on its algorithms through its deep integration can become mechanisms of global changes and what is the prospect of such changes? The same China, which forms its own system of assessing everyone on the scale of social credit, lays the foundation for the functioning of AI according to the established algorithms of attitudes towards everyone according to this scale. Who will be more useful within this one country? What are the methods of stimulating some and a restrictive mechanism for others? Who from the countries will be more useful to the whole world? What are the incentive and limiting mechanisms? And this is not tomorrow’s, this is the present, provided that AI will be used by default, being an objective factor in the stage of global development, with which the new global financial system is inseparable. And most likely, no one has any ready-made solutions, but there is only a gloomy prospect of revising the significance of everyone and everything, including themselves, a certain priority for China’s AI in terms of global benefits, efficiency and consequences from this, which caused concern among two sides of the participants in the Geneva meeting – all that was revealed by the backstage discussion. These two topics are enough to explain the well-hidden internal confusion of the presidents and that irritation in seemingly trifling situations. Https://

What to do in the conditions of tomorrow’s completely different world, provided that it is really irreversible and really will be tomorrow. After all, some such stories, about which it becomes known, then only they can puzzle anyone.

Perhaps already now everyone needs to be puzzled about their real compliance with the requirements of social credit, which includes participation in everything that is positive in terms of the requirements of these criteria.