Fashion adjustments

By 2030  world’s population will reach approximately nine billion people. Consequences of the impact of human activity on nature are irreversible. Fashion industry emits over 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gases annually, which is more than 10% of the world’s carbon footprint. Conscious consumers and brands are looking for transparent, sustainable processes to update fashion, and brands are making the appropriate adjustments to match sustainable garments.

But when clarifying some points about the garment industry, if we remove the usual hype around eco-friendly from well-known brands and celebrity names, then skepticism is obvious with a simple clarification: What energy is used in production? And are there even more energy costs using recycled waste plastic, glass and other for the production of materials? Does the production use entirely renewable energy, which makes clothes truly sustainable and eco-friendly, or is all this hype just another marketing gimmick?