Powered by hydrogen

The island of positivity in the troubled ocean of a C-19 pandemic – Olympic Tokyo. Sports competitions of this Olympiad with the new slogan “Citius, altius, fortius – communiter” and other progressive features. Against this background, a beautiful Olympic torch powered by hydrogen. The world’s premier sporting event is becoming a symbol of the transition to a clean energy and zero emission society. More and more countries are realising their responsibility, trying and finding solutions to common problems in the practical use of hydrogen. An example of two small cities in America and Japan, which in the near future will become completely hydrogen supported, their close cooperation makes it possible to achieve this goal more successfully. Realisation should come that this is not only some kind of huge global and hard-to-solve problem that certainly requires huge investments, but even more important is the motivation of each person and awareness of the need for change, increased activity to improve own surrounding space, protect the environment, sharing the principle of secular asceticism in their everyday life, together with the gradually implemented principle of corporate social responsibility, all this gives both horizontal and vertical development for the transition to a new economy using green hydrogen based on renewable geothermal energy.