Green hydrogen as a supranational key.

The degree of active discussion of the topic of green hydrogen, as well as other popular global topics, is skill-fully controlled with a certain intent by someone’s baton. Who is this conductor? Big oil, investment funds, the European Union, Democrats/Republicans or may be Putin? All this is unimportant because, unfortunately, the consequences of climate change have ceased to be the subject of speculation and hype of environmental organisations, for which it is no longer possible to allocate a location for a targeted action “save the whales, forest of Brazil” because it’s bad everywhere. Trouble knocks at everyone’s door. Big oil, investment funds, European Union, Democrats/Republicans and even Putin. The knot around everyone’s neck is tightened. It is impossible to continue to defend the agenda of preserving one’s own selfish interests and the resulting contradictions. Attempts to disguise themselves with correct rhetoric and huge heaps of hypocrisy are meaningless. For everyone, the time has come for the forced need to make decisions on specific measures that can possibly break the established system and their own principles, and no matter who you are — Big Oil, investment funds, European Union, Democrats/Republicans or even Putin.

By the way about Putin. Perhaps the reason for his repeated theses about the prevalence of national interests over other people’s interests may be the result of long years of previously unfulfilled ambitions, disappointment in Western partners, excessive self-confidence in assessing current importance or simply fear of survival against the background of a pandemic and economic downturn, but all of this together with the opinion of his opponents and their counterarguments, it does not matter before the current global reality. Using the example of Putin or Russian Federation, we can identify the topic when the supranational task associated with the implementation of a part of the global project on green hydrogen does not contradict, but corresponds to the parameters that Putin has set to national (his or Russian Federation) interests, and his opponents forget about their evaluative theses, speculate with sanctions and to finally begin to solve the long-overdue COMMON problems of the Earth / Russian Federation or Putin / Big oil / investment funds / European Union / Democrats and Republicans. Argument in favour of this approach is the richest geothermal reserves in the Russia’s Kuril Islands, which, together with the proximity of the Japanese market, simplified logistics, an extensive network of green hydrogen consumption based on the electrolysis of seawater and geothermal renewable energy, make it possible to use investments with real results in the coming time frame, not in the long term. Of course, Japan’s painful wound of territorial claims for the “northern” territories is very important, perhaps green hydrogen is a help to take a new look at this problem and make decisions for a common home Earth not as some kind of compromise, but as a solution to its urgent internal problems through the implementation of a part tasks of the global economy of a new type. An example is the existing Japan Pipeline Development & Operation (JPDO) project created in 1998:

Legendary President Mr.Hideo Ogawa with a huge lion heart and titanic tenacity pushing the project through the reign of several Japanese cabinet ministers, a monumental figure not without flexibility in assessing today’s realities, with a new look at the possible use of his most expensive brainchild — a commercial enterprise project to complete and enter into commercial use of the Sakhalin to Japan gas pipeline project and the gas transmission network within Japan for green hydrogen. This is a project that in the near future can become a reality as a pilot project of global significance.

Who can act as an explicit or implicit brake on the use of green hydrogen as a supranational key? Big oil, investment funds, EU, Democrats and Republicans or may be Putin?