What to do?

During the crisis caused by the pandemic, there is no concept of an effective exit and there is no intelligible plan after covid 19. There is some aggression and questions for managers who cannot explain what needs to be done now and what they will do tomorrow. Inflation, falling living standards. Empty memorandums and results of insignificant conferences, meetings. How to explain the lack of meaningful decisions from the Fed’s unscheduled closed meeting more than a week ago? What to do?


According to some estimates, the most suffering segment of society is the middle class, the prospect of the disappearance of which is becoming more and more distinct. This is the result of internal factors. All state institutions of social management are built on the basis of and with reference to the middle class. While the middle class has internal resources that are leaving. A high level of consciousness, an intellectual level, the ability to think critically, a degree of freedom can become the basis for moving towards the creative side of new ideas. It should not be a populist idea, even with the prospect of results not tomorrow, but it should be truly something that is close in spirit and consciousness. Changing the inner consciousness of each individual in accepting and adhering to the ideas of secular asceticism is a movement in the right direction. A general positive, albeit small, shift begins with small individual changes, and a general change in the base class is what management will take into account and the basis for generating creative joint decisions.