Empty goals.

The theory of distraction from acute problems, dishonest manipulations have become common practice in modern media and are described in sufficient detail by many authoritative experts, including NOAM CHOMSKY, Professor of Linguistics at MIT

 Motivation for a deep study of the causes and identification of the true interests of such manipulations is the lot of real deep “connoisseurs”, the bulk of this is of little interest, they follow the influence or simply say “no”. A general superficial assessment of all events, a lack of attention to really important things – this is the modern reality. We are in a time period of absolute substitutions, blurred boundaries of the concept of deceit and deliberate transfer of the focus of attention to empty goals. Could it be that the entire market of the popular NFT is a pyramidal bubble and all the people who support it are in collusion, including celebrities who buy pictures of the Sad Monkey for hundreds of thousands of dollars or cute pictures of the Beluga project? A JPG picture has no reasonable value. The decisive fact that determines the value of any NFT is the amount of artificially fueled hype around it, which attracts even more attention from a huge number of people. NFT is becoming a discrediting factor in popular digital technologies and decentralization ideas.