Fall of Meta

The fall in the value of Meta (FB) is ofcourse a huge material loss in one day.


“Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg may be keen to coax the world into an alternate reality, but disappointing fourth-quarter results were quick to burst his metaverse bubble,” said Laura Hoy, an equity analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown.

The built work and the project development system failed. Emergency stabilisation measures taken do not give confidence amid growing doubts about the correctness of the initially built system. What if the basis of this situation is not in technological flaws and principles of organisation of systems? What if there is a need to change the basic philosophy of building and operating companies? What if we miss this very important point and do not draw the right conclusions and the lack of a new philosophy in the formation of AI algorithms and an alternative reality with which we associate our future will entail even greater negative consequences?

The application of the practice of detoxification with the observance of “elimination” as a way of life based on secular asceticism can become a new philosophy and rational approach for a general positive transformation, but there must be a mutual process for the creators and users of social networks and other resources, the influence of which is very significant in modern realities.