Achieving green sustainable development goals through the application of a polyvalent model (book OVERMIND, edition No. 1: https://everbe.org/product/overmind/ ) special primary colonies, settlements for people who share the goals of environmental sustainable development are proposed as a form of implementation. In essence, the model is a single polyvalent system of various industries using high technology, digital technology, combined with a new idea of ​​secular asceticism, which is a catalyst for the expansion of the number of people who accept and share the need to apply such ideas and approaches through which they express themselves demonstrate their self-confidence and contribute financially and legally based on their social responsibility in the process. A multi-university united campus as a colony settlement with a multidisciplinary techno-nexus can be a successful practical application of a polyvalent model with innovative ideas based on the latest technologies that correspond to the values ​​of the new generation of the future. Collaboration of achievements in the field of geothermal energy of Kyushu University (Department of Earth Resources Engineering, Faculty of Engineering) and the development of electrodes for electrolysis of sea water by scientists from the laboratory of Stanford University, artificial intelligence and engineering of MIT and the faculties of materials science, construction and other departments of leading universities on the same site jointly will give a ready result for the development and use of green energy and as a key industry for achieving sustainable development goals. This is just one example of the current application of the polyvalent model in the current realities for the settlement colony.