OVERMIND ft. Geothermal Green Hydrogen Project

The target audience of the book is people of different countries and cultures, covering many issues related to self-confidence, determining their goals and ways of their development, understanding their connection with the community and the prospects for a common future.

Today’s realities are faced with the challenge of achieving sustainable development and believe that no one is left with goals who continue to believe in it. Self-irony and humor with their last strength brandish their victims with swords, threats and drive away skepticism and sarcasm, and a way out of the cases of problems that have been discovered by the producers and not created by the same is needed. There must be unity, and it is in the awareness of the need. Everyone is in front of himself, for himself, in the name of himself, in front of the people around him, for a person, in the name of a person.

Responsibility in the development of digital and high technologies, the idea of ​​secular asceticism in a polyvalent model, where high technologies, various technologies, various technologies successfully function and simultaneously develop together, and further with a jointly developed philosophical initiative, a single lane, the process of simultaneous movement all this in the book “OVERMIND“.

The transformation of the Earth into a highly comfortable environment for people, for the benefit of people, is a serious change, first of all, for people themselves. The ideas of secular asceticism and the concept should be the essence and meaning of the movement to achieve the goals of sustainable development, be at the heart of a polyvalent model, sewing through all the components and components of the model.

For a long period, attention is paid to the project for the production of green hydrogen based on geothermal energy “Geothermal Green Hydrogen Project” as the main components of a polyvalent model. Addressing the rapid circle of morbidity, both systemic and very small for the implementation of implemented projects, is a real contribution to building a future where the use of real technologies is an inevitable reality with the prospect of growth.