NFT technology

The criticism and decline in popularity of the NFT is regrettable. It is possible that the success of such a technology based on hype, promotion by interested media people for their own benefit of some picture with a funny monkey should have dried up sometime. But the unique features of NFTs, such as wide availability, perpetual ownership, etc., are very useful for popularising deep complex concepts and systems of a very important area of ​​​​sustainability.

The principle of fixed authorship for an object can become a simplified system for fixing the copyright of intellectual property on the necessary technologies to achieve sustainable development goals, and wide access to content creates a simplified system for the use of such technologies, the exchange of such technologies and accessibility to them, and other positive features. The concept of a polyvalent development model ( contains at its core the principle of synchronism and simultaneous movement of development and use of technologies from different industries and components, simplified access to them, barrier-free exchange based on the ideas of secular asceticism in order to achieve the common goal of sustainable development. In such a concept NFT can get a deeper creative meaning (#NFT OVERMIND). The counter-effect for NFT within the framework of the polyvalent model is a new influence and application of such a concept as responsibility, which should become the main system regulator of the technology for creating and using NFT. Someone may say that this is a long way and it is difficult to predict the future, but the reality is that now the path in this direction is already a necessary measure.