NFTs with full-fledged functionality

Achieving the goals of sustainable development in the name of a person and for the benefit of a person is necessarily associated with personal development, which is essentially multicomponent and it is quite appropriate to use the concept of “personal sustainable polyvalent development”. Personal polyvalent development affects all aspects and forms of human activity, its existence, its place in nature, in the environment, social structures, in everyday interaction with all factors of the surrounding space, achieving a balance between its internal content and external activity, physical condition, social position , thoughts and actions, responsibility and reason. Beneath each category of manifestation lies a personalised deep and complex process for the overall movement towards sustainable development. What is important is the mechanism, accessible and understandable forms of popularising the components of personal polyvalent development according to the “from simple to complex” type, using the potential of social networks, digital technologies, and popular NFTs for this. The significant potential of NFT is associated with the possibility of creating an attractive shell for promoting positive and very important ideas of personal sustainable polyvalent development. Creating a whole space of such NFTs with full-fledged functionality for a positive impact for the purpose of personal sustainable development forms the prospect of long-term growth.