Significance of #NFT

The significance and connection of tokenisation with the existing economy of many leading countries, where a significant share is occupied by the service sector, in which there is no material embodiment of the finished product (kilograms, litres, meters, pieces of product), allow us to re-evaluate the possibility of using NFT as a convenient form of digital technology as a tool valuation of non-property assets. Intellectual property, creative works and the aspect of semantic filling with new philosophical ideas that are in demand by society, the system of their promotion and popularisation, which is important for today, all deserve to become a full-fledged and important component in a high-tech model of polyvalent sustainable development. This new and broader sense of NFT, in which digital technology exists on the basis of creativity, harmoniously corresponds to other components of the polyvalent model, opens up access to the use of established stock market opportunities to popularise and promote the embedded ideas and philosophy of the polyvalent model. Accessibility, transparency, the prospect of long-term growth, the sheer popularity of NFTs will become effective factors in attracting new like-minded people, many others who support the idea of ​​​​sustainability and a successful investment application.