Everbe version 0.3

Users of modern technology products are unlikely to think about the components that make up these products, what they consist of and about the long history of their creation. Interested in convenience, functionality, the result that will be achieved when using them to the advantage.

Meet the requirements of the consumer, creation of products that meet these requirements is an incomplete list of necessary conditions for the creator of such products to fulfil.

An interconnected system established over the centuries. Where do we see modern features and an urgent need for today regarding the development of digital technologies as a new philosophy of consumption? If we leave for a while material changes and the development of digital technologies themselves as an essence, then philosophically and excuse the hackneyed term in the “culture of consumption and supply”, a dead end will be reached. Wonderful digital customer-centric technologies have been gutted by the unbridled and sometimes openly imposed hype, shameless attitude on the part of the creators. They deliberately cultivate a superficial understanding and attitude towards processes among consumers, and this has borne its fruits. A gigantic discrepancy between the complexity of digital technologies and the level of the consumer has formed, consumer distrust of the rhetoric and letters of empty “white papers” of startups and their feverish search for the use of their funds in another project with a very high risk of becoming zero, manipulation of large players and impotence of small people in the industry. What is Everbe v0.3 about? Everbe v0.3 is a model that makes good use of the concept of responsibility. This is a model of mutual responsibility coming from the authors of the Everbe v0.3 model and addressed to a wide range of consumers who share, are ready to share responsibility, or those who are simply looking for a use for their funds in a new project that has a long-term understandable development, supported by the argument of a special attitude on the part of the creators. Someone might say that it’s boring and it’s easier to look for another hype for quick money. Everbe v0.3 is not an alternative to this – it is a different model that has its own path and the inherent essence of the sustainability projects linked to it, based on mutual responsibility and personal sustainability, gives a deep meaning to the model and long-term growth. In fact, this is a new type of client-oriented IT model for a person and for the sake of a person.