The blockchain ecosystem in the polyvalent model of sustainable development, digital and personal sustainable development create a binary factor of a Human, for whom the issues of responsibility are not formulated, but as a way of life become the main ones. In the general list of equal components of the polyvalent model, the binary factor is the filling with ideological meanings and the suturing network of all material structures of the polyvalent model, convenient and easily integrated into modern opportunities for popularization and promotion of the polyvalent model of sustainable development, the ability to avoid explaining the complex huge significance and essence of the components of the polyvalent model . How to convey to a wide interested circle answers not to the question “how?”, but to the more important question “why and for what?”. When it’s not about successful and planned percentages, it’s not about the need to understand the answer to the questions “were we striving for this result? Is it good or bad or is it zero?”, “Who is the main person or structure whose mission is to be responsible and decide for us, for our benefit ?” If we prioritize decentralization, responsibility, sustainability and other essential concepts for the changes we should strive for, then we should not wait for years to come to everyone just to realize and achieve a result, a real assessment of events will be given. It is difficult for most people to make an effort on themselves in the direction of boring and incomprehensible ideas, to force themselves to think, to analyze complex categories, to stop waiting for someone to organize everything now and decide everything by itself, because it’s easier to live like yesterday, and tomorrow repeat today. Popularization and promotion of the binary factor of the polyvalent model of sustainable development using popular NFTs, social networks as a messiah, so that everyone in their segment knows about responsibility for their area, for their work, does not allow everything that they do not want to see in the world around them on that area where it can affect it, to be responsible as I wanted others to be.