Attracting mixed investment in green sustainable development, rethinking the role of venture projects as an effective common mechanism for the practical implementation of a smooth energy transition with the formation of a new space for the use of high technologies for people and for the sake of people.

The philosophy of the components of Green Sustainable Development and a single basis for mobilising the launch of global changes to achieve the ultimate goal of green and sustainable development.

The question of primacy is “Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?”. The development of high-tech products, the high technologies themselves, the scope and availability of conditions for their use, market prospects, incorporation and many other facts are forced to separate investment flows for use in virtually independent directions, but which, at the same time, cannot exist and function separately.

Selective and sometimes biased assessment by investors of projects more often of single-vector topics with initially limited application and applied nature for systems and conditions that have not yet been created, with all their innovation and unconditional benefits, nullifies further development or become the object of attention of support funds at the level of grants like “science for the sake of science“.

It is possible to attract and develop other projects to the components of different directions in a single venture project, whether it is a large complex mechanism or a small cog, but all will eventually become the basis for moving towards the implementation of the general idea of ​​green sustainable development. A polyvalent structure when an extended list of components from different industries increase the stability of a common project, reduce risks, open interaction occurs, the use of cross technologies in a single intellectual property space, mutual preferences, support and other positive features for frontal movement in a common wide lane in one direction.

With the polyvalent structure of a venture project, the use of blockchain digital technology is primarily a mechanism for the present and the future to simplify the financial interaction of internal structures with each other and with external structures, including with investors, based on wide availability and transparency. The last point is very important for the prospect of attracting a huge mass of small, small investors who, with the departure of projects based on hype and momentary benefits, can invest in long-term green development projects on the same rights and principles along with iconic investment funds, and this approach is possible with a gradual increase in responsibility each of them.

The cornerstone of the new philosophy of polyvalent green sustainable development venture projects aimed at creating special conditions for people is the responsibility of the participants in such projects and the responsibility of the object of application for such projects – the person. Everyday routine, systematic activity to promote the increase of consciousness and responsibility under the new high-tech conditions of social evolution is a necessity as a component of a polyvalent venture project where the adapted form of the ideas of secular asceticism is very successful as a firmware and the inner essence of philosophical content.

 The form of implementation of a polyvalent venture project is the creation of an environment for a person where the results of the development of the project components are materially embodied when used as a basis for the construction of special primary locations-colonies, settlements to unite people who share the goals of green sustainable development. The unified components of such objects (like LEGO) are the basis for the simplified creation of other similar objects of various locations with integration into a single network based on publicly available proprietary technologies, technology products, intellectual property, project token, philosophical filling with the ideas of adapted secular asceticism. Another approach is when the upgrade of a person is not associated with the implantation (upgrades of one) of some kind of improving gadgets and chips, special conditions are created for a person and in the name of a person for the growth of his consciousness and responsibility. This is a new area for investing in projects that were previously difficult to materially implement and have a real prospect of long-term growth.