Product Description

OVERMIND or gestalt of the intellect, something whole, exceeding in size the sum of its parts – a general organised perception.

The eternal desire to combine business with pleasure. It’s good if the text of the book is a process of learning, although useful, but not like boring abstruse reading matter, but a wonderful fascinating immersion in new positive sensations and emotions.

The opportunity to touch the most important ideas relevant for the present and future, works and events that explain the big picture. It’s hard to get away from this. A captivating and lively plot will captivate you from the first pages. An entertaining paradigm, the most unusual facets, secrets and philosophy.

Do you want to understand the true meaning of the information? Analyse a variety of phenomena and better navigate what is happening around?

The concept of the book allows answering many interesting and important questions.

Reflect and reason with the author – and perhaps you will better understand yourself and what you are for.

Read and have fun!